From the first night about Papi sauce ad auction 9 bold red net Capriccio

on the Papi sauce has received a variety of funds, including the logic of thinking and a total of 12 million yuan of investment circle of friends has been maxed out. Kun Peng theory in this two days would be the matter to bomb disabled! Brains boiling, towonder, now recorded

  to share with you;

: China red net after a landmark event in

Chinese red net first formal, reular by mainstream capital market recognition, also marks the video from the media will be fully detonated, millions of people will either try, or to follow the original coquettish! It should be a sentence, money where to go, where people with media will be 2016! A comprehensive upgrade to the video from the media era read more

Video want to do bigger and stronger two basic conditions

video sharing site two threshold


industry has a characteristic, is to do a video website easily, but it is difficult to grow, because the server and bandwidth costs are very high, really want to do a large scale it must cross the billion threshold.

we have accounted for 18 to 24 months, if there is no more than $100 million of such capital base, in this field, it is not possible to make the site bigger. Especially when the number of users from one million to ten million a day of growth, there is no shortage of funds into the video site success or failure of the hard targets. read more

In late February the global domain name Top15 Ninth DNSPoD tenth civilink

IDC Review Network ( 03, reported: according to the latest data, in late February (as of February 24th), China is still the world’s top fifteen list of the world’s top two list of domain name service provider. Among them, Chinese civilink ranked ninth, DNSPod ranked tenth, the share of the global market are rising. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned in late February, the global domain name service provider specific dynamic.

(Figure 1) the domain name of the domain name service provider domain map (as of 2014/2/24) read more

Millet backstage goings 13 little-known details.

less than 3 years, millet mobile phone market value of $10 billion from $0. Recent data has become the industry’s first mobile phone network, April China Mobile brand rankings were: 1, 1 million 754 thousand millet; 2, cool 1 million 443 thousand department; 3, VIVO 1 million 373 thousand.

Lei Jun has an iron triangle theory: hardware, software, Internet service. In the past, the most well-known is millet products and marketing, millet background service is little-known.

June 21st, President of micro innovation camp study of millet backstage goings, let us follow the founder of millet see customer service system in the end what is the secret weapon of read more

Government will strengthen the supervision of Internet encyclopedia products

in October 22nd, the Ministry of culture market department deputy director general Tuo Zu Hai in the "eighth session of the international China Network Culture Expo Summit Forum" said Internet Encyclopedia of knowledge products with Interactive Encyclopedia, Baidu encyclopedia as the representative of the development is gratifying, but also the lack of supervision, he suggested to launch the national strategic level of Internet innovation and dissemination of knowledge engineering.

Tuo Zu Hai said, in the aspect of knowledge innovation and dissemination of the Internet with the characteristics of convenient, interactive, as human knowledge inheritance and innovation platform, interactive knowledge in Interactive Encyclopedia, Baidu encyclopedia encyclopedia as the representative of the pattern and the Baidu know, Sina asked for the leading quiz platform has gradually become the mainstream model of Internet application knowledge innovation and communication platform, by users of the pro gaze. read more

Ten days after the incident and then look at Taobao and SAIC dispute a few points

review: a reconciliation seems to have let the two sides bury the hatchet, but will not only give Ali and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has brought a profound impact, and will affect and open a new phase in the Internet economy into the development and regulation of positioning.

a very eye effect of public events, but no damage to Ali

Ali and the State Administration for Industry and commerce a sudden global arena touch nerve, American lawyer to sue Ali and the Wall Street bears echoes, easily let Ali shares evaporation tens of billions of dollars. In fact, in the United States, such as over developed countries, the lawsuit has become a business, no need to worry about Ali accused of bankruptcy, not to worry about the transnational chase. read more

Where is the way out for 2007

      with the TOM, NetEase and a series of portal website, marking the era of portal type with the development of the network slowly decline.

      plus personal webmaster no money, no skills (skills here does not mean that a person will be CMS, but will use the basic scripting language, programming language and database), and large investment, small gains, after the 2006 network situation, in 2007 the Internet fall look more difficult to go, in the end the way in which personal webmaster, Shangdu here for you to analyze, but does not represent Shangdu for any individual or any website or any color evaluation of criticism. read more

Personal website of the vicious circle

Chinese at least one million practitioners (commonly known as the personal website, webmaster) more than 500 thousand people full-time entrepreneurs less than 1000 people, most of them are part-time, from management to service, from business to technology, to make money very rare, the vast majority of struggling make ends meet. According to reason should not, the flow of a lot of sites is very large, to go abroad is a big Mac, but why did not earn money to make the eye?

an unknown Internet cafe network management, the new Internet users are asking silly questions, so do a list of popular web site, the result has become a benchmark for China’s personal website, which is Hao123. Today, this is known as "the originator of the navigation station", there is still a huge traffic, the number of sites to be included and he is of the same type and use unscrupulous divisive tactics, at least ten thousand navigation website, this website later sold to Baidu, who has made several small, was a great success, become a model for the whole Chinese Internet the tens of thousands of personal website imitated him made a host of this classification information type games, music, mobile phone number, IP query query ". This type of website is even too lazy to do message boards, forums, to cater to the Internet bar crowd. So the gene of the individual website is network management, the object of the service is Internet bar crowd, this is glass ceiling. Of course, there are also a lot of forums, spawned Discuz! This forum, Qihoo, the banner around the play idea but haven’t profitable surrounding industries, led directly to the low-level redundant construction and vicious competition. read more

China’s total 8 million 176 thousand of the total number of domain names in late 5 by the end of the

IDC Review Network ( 06, reported: according to the latest data, as of June 2, 2014, the total number of domain names registered in the United States up to 80967277, ranking first in the global domain name. The total number of domain names for 8176323, ranking the world’s top second. But at the end of 5, the net increment of the domain name statistics, the Chinese domain name added 2412, while the United States, showing negative growth, net minus 486. Hongkong, China, this week, net minus 841 domain name. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the world’s most recent Top20 domain name data. read more

How to carry out the virtual marketing experience

whether on the Internet or in the real world, experiential marketing is equally effective. Compared to the real world of marketing, this is a more easy to operate, cheaper way of marketing, you can access to millions of customers through the internet. Of course, the premise is that your site is not just an online brochure. You have to provide a valuable experience for visitors to attract them to visit again. We have some ideas that can help you think about how to develop a virtual experience marketing. read more business transformation the force of cross-border electricity supplier

CEO Chen Ou yesterday with a long micro-blog issued a statement, said the company is a business transformation, the cosmetics business will be quality supervision more difficult of the third party platform, all become self-employed.

poly beauty insiders on Tencent technology, said the original third party platform cosmetics business is only a transitional business". The company has the ability to purchase a replacement through third party brand cooperation, counter purchase and overseas channels, "the third party service can be replaced". read more

Talk about how I kind of traditional Chinese medicine website keywords row Baidu first

1, traditional Chinese medicine domain name

consider Baidu new domain name included on cycle time is long, and then looking for high quality connection strengths, decided to acquire a PR3 domain, a local forum, this site was the Baidu GOOGLE, the weight is higher, the connection is also very rich.

2, page optimization

title, key words, description, these three, I think it is still very important, such as my station, Baidu matching a lot of words written in the description, are in a good position in Baidu. How to write the three, how to write, it is worth pondering, the only thing to tell you, once identified and columns, do not make changes. SEO pay attention to detail, do not forget the picture description and site map! read more

Social marketing from the perspective of biangbiang

since the Qingfeng Bao zipu fire, more people are concerned about the leaders of every act and every move, various industries in various businesses are looking forward to, this is not enough, not much time, but also a "hot buns" fresh, but this time it is not steamed up, will I illiterate, copy and paste a biangbiang face.

biangbiang belongs to the Shaanxi specialty, in fact the real people eat less and less, in fact to know the word, if not the Chinese department or graduate of the Department of archaeology it is really not easy, this has resulted in a scarcity of marketing. Rarity, whether you are doing product development or operation, or are you planning to engage in or sell, once you have a scarcity of others don’t have, and seize this point to a certain extent a whoop and a holler, make some influence. read more

Five express with the implementation of the new national standard sent by mail how much loss value

express to implement the real name system in May 1st, the new national standard officially implemented. "Real name system", "after the first sign" has become the focus of widespread concern. But in an interview with reporters yesterday, the provincial postal administration was informed that the standard of any of the provisions of the real name system is not only for inspection, and courier companies have agreed to send express mail sender. However, the new national standard for the damage and the loss of express compensation has been a big change, no longer just a few times before the loss of freight, but according to the contract law for consumers to a compensation ratio. read more

Low cost virtual hosting, security, service to ensure

According to the

China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) released the "thirty-third China Internet development report" shows that as of December 2013 China netizens had reached 618 million, the huge US and online shopping groups, let our country electricity industry rapid development. Although zoudian business network marketing is an effective way to increase new business in the traditional enterprise, but because of the change in the mode of marketing, traditional enterprises have to face the cost, technology, operation and so on a series of problems in the process of transformation, which makes a lot of small businesses have looked angry. read more

A lonely group

webmaster is a special group. Sometimes people say that they hate is the webmaster, this group is very lonely, seems to be far from the crowd, otherworldly, hiding in his corner, ziyuzile. Each webmaster have experienced the pain of waiting, waiting for the site was collected, waiting for content, waiting for traffic, waiting for advertising, waiting for business, the feeling is a long suffering.

Internet industry revenue is good, it seems to be able to laugh at white-collar workers every day to live hard. But the owners have to pay too much, the circle is more and more small, are in the same profession, income is now fortunately, after ten years of hard work? The former group has become the upper and the elite company, who has been admitted to the villa, open on the car, and we may still stationmaster people in this industry try a variety of adventure. Perhaps at that time we have passion is not, we have a small number of successful, made a career, and more, or rely on advertising revenue to support themselves. read more

The website return with 93% consumers will be less to buy or not to buy

Information Times News (reporter Kuang Ningdan) online shopping developed today, return service quality become the priority among priorities of shopping website service.

modern international research company yesterday released the national consumer return report, investigation on the electricity supplier evaluation results show that, if you are not satisfied with a merchant’s return service, 30% of consumers said they would not buy the home online shopping stores, 63% of consumers said they would reduce the frequency of purchase of the site. read more

Domain deletion list March 7, 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 051683821968

phone< br /> CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Baidu promotion offline over a thousand P2P first list released

      Shenzhen Wangwang loan "lost" event, Baidu promotion again into everyone’s perspective.

Shenzhen want loan after promotion once through the Baidu Inc, is part of investors through Baidu search in Shenzhen want loan. For this event, Baidu started netizens rights protection plan, the landing Baidu account, Baidu search into the want loan victim of Internet users, full first security.

in addition, in April 28th, Baidu announced the beginning of the clean-up bad P2P net loan platform. Baidu Inc stakeholders yesterday (May 6th) mail reply daily economic news reporter, currently offline P2P net loan platform has more than 1000. Baidu is currently working with relevant government departments, insurance companies, payment clearing Association, etc., to develop a new online banking industry P2P rules. "At present, we have screened out the first batch of online P2P net loan companies." read more

A leap second let 2000 network brief interruption in Brazil hardest hit

[Abstract] every few years, a leap second is added, to ensure that the world standard time synchronization with the sun.

science and technology on Wednesday, July 1st, the global clock increased by one second, which led to a short interruption of many networks, but most of the networks are rapidly restored service.

network performance management company Dyn Internet analysis director Ma Derui (Doug Madory) said that in the world standard time (UTC) just after midnight, there are about 2000 network suddenly short interruption. 50% of them are influenced by the network in Brazil, where the network service providers use common type of router, the router is not ready to add leap seconds. read more

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