first_imgThe buzzing that has surrounded the Android community for the upcoming release of Android 2.3, or Gingerbread, has reached a fever pitch. Many have been pressing the refresh button on their phones for weeks now in hopes that an OTA will be dropping. While that behavior is a little misguided, it is certainly true that an update to Android is on its way. In fact, just this morning, the Android 2.3 Software Development Kit has been released to developers!The reason that it is silly to keep refreshing in hopes for an OTA is pretty simple. Up until this morning, even the developers hadn’t seen the stuff required to make sure their apps worked well with the new release, or took advantage of any new features. Gingerbread is just not ready for human consumption. It’s coming though, and soon.AdChoices广告Gingerbread comes with a host of new features that have been offered up for Developers to play with. They include performance increases, faster text input, better copy/paste, a slick UI improvement, native internet calling, Front facing camera API’s, Near Field Communication API’s, and much more. The big things Android is focused on with this release is entertainment. Steps have been taken to make it easier for game developers to push these devices to the limits, and new audio and video improvements to allow for higher quality experiences across the board.It’s a huge step for Android, and with the SDK coming out, we can expect that the official announcement and OTA releases are not far behind. They aren’t happening this week, mind you, but we should see more on the upcoming release very soon!Read more at Android Developerslast_img