first_imgIn what can be seen as nothing short of a tight slap to the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA), the Delhi High Court today directed the state cricket association to reinstate the selectors it had unilaterally sacked.The HC took the decision after Justice Mukul Mudgal, who was appointed as an observer to oversee DDCA functioning by the court, brought it to the notice of the court that unfair unilateral action had been taken against the former India cricketers. (Delhi High Court suspends DDCA’s decision to remove selectors)However, it seems the constant violations by the DDCA have taken its toll on the man-in-charge of bringing their house in order. Justice Mudgal explained to India Today that he has asked to be relieved of his duties.”Firstly I have overstayed my welcome, DDCA has had enough of me and I am sure I have had enough of them. I have a lot of international commitments and it is also not proper of me to stick on there. I have genuine difficulties in continuing and I explained it to be honourable judges there and I hope they accept my request,” said the former Chief Justice of the Haryana and Punjab High Court. Certainly, these are dark days for Delhi cricket when the HC appointed observer feels DDCA mess is ‘out of control’.The latest violation by the DDCA saw the court lashing out at it for “crossing its limits” and undermining the authority of Justice Mudgal by sacking the selectors appointed by him and said the cricket body’s move “attracts contempt of court”.advertisementDDCA had said commercial interests of the three former cricketers, Nikhil Chopra, Atul Wassan and Maninder Singh led to “conflict of interest”. However, its argument was shot down by the High Court.”I did not find any conflict of interest on part of the three selectors, DDCA may have found it, DDCA seems to have an expertise in conflict of interest so they should have brought to the notice of the court and the court now has taken its decision,” said Justice Mudgal.”Why they were sacked, probably the DDCA executive committee can explain better. They gave some reasons which I did not agree with, in any case the direction given by me was under the mandate of the High Court, if there was anything wrong in my order they were free to go to the High Court and get it set aside,” he addedWhile DDCA continues to oppose reforms suggested by the Lodha Panel along with majority of other BCCI state associations, Justice Mudgal said the Delhi board was ‘picking and choosing’ the reforms to suit themselves.”They have relied on Lodha committee recommendations yet it is not clear whether they have adopted Lodha committee recommendations, they probably picked one part of it and acted on it,” explained Justice Mudgal to India Today.”I think majority of DDCA members are opposed to Lodha recommendations, that is my impression,” he added.Justice Mudgal though wanted to make it clear, that he had nothing against the men who were chosen to replace the said three selectors.”I want to make it clear that the three replacement selectors, I have nothing against them, they are eminent players and I have no doubt they would have done a fair selection but it is not fair to remove national level acclaimed players like Maninder Singh, Atul Wassan and Nikhil Chopra who performed creditably for India on the national front,” added the veteran judge.last_img