first_imgWhat happens when you combine robotics with cloud computing? You get smart robots powered by a super “brain” that resides in the cloud.  Robots can be built to be lightweight and low cost, but their cloud controller enables them to be backed with powerful computational capabilities and a library derived from the accumulated experience of many other robots.A report from Frost & Sullivan found that “cloud robotics can be viewed as a convergence of information, learned processes, and intelligent motion or activities with the help of the cloud. It allows to move the locus of ‘intelligence’ from onboard to a remote service…  The key application sectors for cloud robotics include healthcare, transportation, consumer and manufacturing applications.”Ken Goldberg, professor at UC Berkeley, said that when robots are backed by the cloud that  “robot learning is going to be greatly accelerated. Putting it a little simply, one robot can spend 10,000 hours learning something, or 10,000 robots can spend one hour learning the same thing.”last_img