first_imgThroughout history the human condition has traversed colliding pathways of good and evil, as well as progressive and regressive leadership. Guyana is a country that has experienced both, but it seems as though the current coalition Administration, led by the People’s National Congress (PNC), is all set to outdo its past record during its first 28 years in Government.Above all is its determined and seemingly blatant campaign to destabilise and marginalise opponents and non-supporters. Arresting a former President on trumped-up charges that cannot withstand legal and/or moral scrutiny is merely the tip of the iceberg.The latest victim of this ‘political witch-hunt’ is former Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Member of Parliament Mohabir Anil Nandlall.The very popular Nandlall is the nemesis of current Attorney General Basil Williams, who has been bested by the former, time and again, in matters of jurisprudence in which they have both been engaged, and this has not sat well with Williams, who seems to be determined to use all his new-found powers to, if not vanquish Nandlall in the courtrooms of the land, at least use other methods to overcome his most hated adversary.Thus it was that, subsequent to Nandlall exposing Williams on utterances criminal in nature in a courtroom: to wit, openly threatening a sitting judge for not providing him satisfaction in a legal matter before him, which was being prosecuted by Williams and defended by Nandlall, Williams threatened Nandlall with consequences, as well as impugned his character as a thief who purloined State assets – a set of law books.The repercussions soon followed and on the morning of April 24, 2017, ranks of the undeniably Government-controlled Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) arrested Nandlall and took him to SOCU’s Camp Street headquarters for questioning.It was also reported that former President Donald Ramotar was also scheduled to be questioned on the matter.Williams has allegedly resorted to relieving his angst over constant defeat via the legal expertise of Nandlall by accusing him of stealing State assets in the form of the Commonwealth Law Reports during his tenure as Attorney General, even while he (Williams) was aware that the purchase by Government for his (Nandlall’s) personal use and archival purposes was part of his contractual agreement for service in his capacity of Legal Affairs Minister.Recognising that his personal and professional reputation was being greatly harmed by Williams’ repetitious accusations, Nandlall eventually resorted to the legal system to seek redress by suing Williams over his allegations of theft of the Commonwealth Law Reports, which were irreparably impugning his character and casting doubts on his integrity, and professional and ethical conduct.According to Nandlall, his acquisition of the Commonwealth Law Reports began with his personal subscription to Lexis Nexis (UK), publishers of the disputed law reports, approximately 12 years ago; the reports were shipped to him at his law office and paid for upon delivery. This has been a continuous arrangement until extant times.However, as a condition of his service as Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Nandlall requested of then President Donald Ramotar, and was granted as part of his benefits, the acquisition by the Government, of the Commonwealth Law Reports for his personal use and ownership during his tenure.Upon demitting office, Nandlall informed the publishers and the prior arrangements for personal payments of the Commonwealth Law Reports resumed.It is a sad day for Guyana when personal vengeance is pursued through the use of the State apparatus, in this instance, SOCU.The office of the Attorney General has many responsibilities, and service to the nation should be prioritised above any other issue. Seeking vengeance on a personal matter by using State apparatus that falls under Mr Basil Williams’ purview does not become such a high office and undermines the mandate of the highest office for protection of the legislative matters in the land.last_img