Noah Michaud as the Cat in the Hat in Seussical Junior ~ The Musical. (CONTRIBUTED PHOTO) Chloe Dawson plays Horton, in Jarvis Public School’s production of Seussical Junior ~ The Musical. (CONTRIBUTED PHOTO) The Jarvis Community was treated to a trip to Whoville during a production of Seussical Junior ~ The Musical by Jarvis Public School.During Education Week,  50 students were involved in the production that saw five shows over two days, May 8-9. More than 450 people took in the two evening productions and two area schools were able to take in the afternoon shows.“The best part of acting is you can do it no matter what. A person’s a person, no matter how small,” said Chloe Dawson, who played Horton the Elephant.Her cast mate and cousin, Aubrey Dawson, said she enjoyed meeting new people in different grade levels that she may not have gotten to know outside of the play.“Everyone was so positive and they supported us no matter what,” said Aubrey.Director Julie McIntyre said that putting on a production takes a lot of effort but many helping hands make it all worthwhile.“The talent we saw from our cast was incredible.  Without giving children the opportunity to participate in the dramatic arts, some of the quiet, shy young people would never have the opportunity to share their gift with us.”  The Cast of Seussical Junior from left to right Abby Dorr as Mrs. Mayor, Brant Dawson, as JoJo and Andrew Yager as Mr. Mayor, the smallest Who’s in Whoville. (CONTRIBUTED PHOTO)