first_imgI always wonder regarding living natural. And by the way, what is natural living? What I define natural living as living by rules of nature. Understanding nature laws is quite difficult I believe. First, we have to surrender ourselves to nature. Surrendering oneself is like being Yogi. So living natural means, living as Yogi?Let me first put forward the definition of Yogi. The one who practises Yoga is Yogi. Yoga can, therefore, be defined as a means of uniting the individual spirit with the universal spirit of God. According to Maharishi Patanjali, Yoga is the suppression of modifications of the mind. Ohh Tough words!I don’t think wearing saffron clothes and to have a big beard, putting long tilak and having Kamndal means Yogi. We can be a normal fellow and practice natural living. Living with basic needs is what I believe living natural is. Good air to breathe, food to eat, water to drink, shelter to protect oneself and simple clothing. Many items missing from above. How on the earth I can live with just five or four things. My God, it seems very scary.Though scary it seems, it is self-satisfying. To be oneself with everything around. To lose oneself with no one. How astonishing it is to hear!We all are capable of doing this. Don’t we? Haha. So complex. Actually, we have made all things complex in this world. Things were very simple and real. Slowly and gradually, things become complicated and difficult. Human has destroyed nature for the sake of so-called development. I call this development as disastrous.I am very sad after hearing many camels were shot down in Australia as they drank ample water. So only human has the right to use water. Animals, birds and other species cannot come in the way of the human. Great. We will cut down forests. We will put dams on rivers. We don’t care about other things. We want development. We want a luxurious life.Man has destroyed everything. Trees, sand, water, air even space. Nothing left unattended. Who on the earth has given you this right for destruction?And the time is coming when everything will come back. Whatever you have thrown, Is coming back to you. Earth is round my friend. Have you forgotten?We can still save whatever we have just by following basic nature rules. No yogi and no living on basic things. Just try not to harm nature anymore. Try to avoid things that are affecting your air, water and earth. Because we all are byproducts of nature. Destroying nature means destroying us.Keep nature alive in you.Thanks for reading. I hope it adds some value.last_img read more