first_imgDear Editor,The recent disclosure in the press of an attempt by officials of the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown to illegally lease or sell reserved community lands in Bel Air Park to a private developer is yet another illustration of the level of venality, delinquency and ineptitude at City Hall.With the full knowledge that there is a restriction on the transport of this property, located contiguous to Eping Avenue, for use as community purposes only, it is just unthinkable that municipal officials would even consider building town houses there.However, the intention to confiscate and build housing on this  three-acre empty community reserve — known as R3 Bel Air Park — for the ‘Big Enchiladas’ at City Hall fits right into the pattern of greed, foolishness, and disregard for the law by some of these officials at the Council.It fits right into their current programme of living ‘a champagne and caviar’ lifestyle off of the backs of the poor citizens of Georgetown.Already, they fly first class all around the world, and stay at five star hotels. Already, they have surrounded themselves with chauffeurs, bodyguards, other security, and a retinue of assistants. Already, they have had the Council provide for them luxury sports utility vehicles, dine at fancy restaurants, and pay themselves super salaries. Now they want to complement that with luxury accommodations in an upscale neighbourhood.Even more disgusting than their inclination to break the law by voting at a council meeting to take community land for personal housing — despite the existence of the covenant and despite the obvious conflict — is their patent display of unrepressed greed. Some of these officials are owners of multiple properties which they recently acquired with their new-found wealth, and yet they are still trying to acquire more real estate. It is just so sordid.What has happened to their much touted ‘Green City’ initiative? Or will they paint these townhouses green?It should be noted that they have already confiscated other reserves in the south of the city, and constructed two model houses for other municipal officers, a situation that should also be challenged in the courts.When will there be a Commission of Inquiry at City Hall?Sincerely,Magagula Jacksonlast_img read more