first_imgDaily tasks include planning, organizing, coordinating anddirecting the community-based security services operation. TheDirector will inspect, monitor, review and audit the safetyservices functions and activities; serving as a resource to Collegeand District personnel regarding security service procedures. Whennecessary, the Director will serve as a liaison to external publicsafety organizations, and will perform other related functions asdirected. This position may require occasional supervision at acollege campus, and will require regular attendance at faculty andstudent meetings, as well as meetings with the CollegePresidents. Plans, organizes and supervises an inspection program, andregularly reviews facilities and equipment to ensure that safetyhazards are corrected and prevented. Five (5) years of increasingly responsible management orleadership experience in public safety, security, or lawenforcement, ideally with demonstrated leadershipexperience/ability in a community-oriented public safety program.If primary experience is in traditional law enforcement, at least(2) years of management experience at the lieutenant level orhigher. Experience in safety/security position in an academicsetting with the specific competence in and knowledge of the issuesoutlined in the “Position Description” above. Formerly incarceratedor systems-impacted individuals are encouraged to apply. The District is strongly committed to achieving staffdiversity and the principles of equal employment opportunity. TheDistrict encourages a diverse pool of applicants and does notdiscriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin,ancestry, sex, age religion, marital status, sexual orientation,disability or genetic information, gender identity or expression,citizenship status, veterans status, status with regards to publicassistance, or any other characteristic protected by federal, stateor local law, in any of its policies, procedures orpractices. Establish and maintain effective organizational humanrelationships.  ***Individuals are invited to apply who are interested in joining ateam of educational leaders, who understand the principles anddistinction of excellence in management and commitment to visionaryleadership, and who are committed to community service and academicexcellence.  Other duties as assigned.MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONSKnowledge, experience and understanding of the following: Possession of a valid California Motor Vehicle Operator’sLicense.Possession or eligibility to obtain a POST ManagementCertificate is optional. Effectively and efficiently plan, organize and supervise thefunctions and activities of a comprehensive community-basedsecurity program. Applicant must have demonstrated cultural competency,sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic,socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds ofcommunity college staff, faculty, and students. Experience with the procurement of equipment, materials andsupplies commonly utilized in a non-lethal security operation. OR Experience with, and understanding of, the shared governancedecision making process that incorporates the input of all campusconstituency groups. Duties/essential functions may include, but not be limited tothe following: Plans and organizes, coordinates and directs, the District’scommunity-based security safety services operation. Continually reviews legislative changes and legal mandates toensure District compliance. DUTIES ANDRESPONSIBILITIES  Plans, organizes and supervises the development and maintenanceof mid-and long-range security programs, including implementationand maintenance of a systematic data management, storage andretrieval system related to security. Experience working on a college or university campus. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Reviews, approves, requisitions and orders operational supplies,materials and equipment. Accurately estimate operational time requirements, determinework performance standards and evaluate based on thosestandards. Evaluates the performance of supervisory personnel, includingthe use of motivational strategies and techniques, with empathy andcompassion, in order to ensure improved performance. Communicate effectively in oral and written form. Plans, organizes, and participates in the District’s budgetplanning process, and develops and implements the expenditurecontrol processes. Employees must satisfy all pre-employment requirementsto work for the District which include, but are not limited to, thefollowing items: An equivalent combination of education and experience. THE POSITIONUnder the direction of the Vice Chancellor of General Services,the Director of Public Safety is a Security Services Leader thatunderstands the nuances and intricacies of a community-basedsecurity model. The Director will oversee a non-lethal,non-traditional, mental health and restorative justice-orientedsecurity ecosystem that proactively responds to challenges beforetraditional policing services are activated. The Director willmanage community-based security service vendors, traditionalprivate security firms, the student safety aide program(administered by the Merritt College Administration of JusticeProgram), and the Dispatching apparatus. Plan, organize, establish, and maintain an effective andefficient data management, storage and retrieval system. EXPERIENCE: The Chancellor is pleased to announce the official searchprocess to identify and select a DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC SAFETYfor the District Administrative Center.  The Peralta Collegesare located in the beautiful Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, anarea which leads the world in technology and innovation.  ThisDistrict is seeking an individual who will become part of theChancellor’s team responsible for implementing an ambitious agendain advanced training and higher education to serve all segments ofa culturally diverse urban community.  The District serves sixcities in the East Bay.  The Peralta Colleges have areputation for developing effective approaches to serving thevaried interests and needs of the community.  The District wasfounded in 1964, serves 29,000 students, and is one of the topcommunity college districts in California in transferring studentsinto the University of California system.    Practices, procedures, techniques and strategies for determiningoperational effectiveness.center_img ENVIRONMENTAL AND PHYSICALCONDITIONSENVIRONMENTAL DEMANDSOccasional work performed alone.  Constant work around andwith other people PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS The physical demands described here are representative of thosethat must be met by an individual to successfully perform theessential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodation may bemade to enable individuals with disabilities to perform theessential functions.  Typical physical abilities for thisposition are:  Best practices for community-based security, operational safetystandards and other relevant standards regarding ethical conduct ofsecurity staff. REQUIRED FOR ALL EMPLOYEESTuberculosisExamination:  Prior to employment,the successful candidate will be required to submit evidence(either skin test or X-ray report) of being free of tuberculosiswithin the past sixty (60) days.  The TB test is a conditionof employment and any expense must be borne by the successfulcandidate.Fingerprinting Requirement:As a condition of employment, all employees working forcommunity colleges in the State of California are required to befingerprinted within the first ten (10) working days of the date ofemployment pursuant to Education Code Section 88024. The DistrictOffice of Human Resources processes fingerprints electronically.During the employment intake process, new employees will be giveninformation to have their fingerprints taken at anotherlocation.Immigration Requirement: According to the Immigration Reform and Control Act, the PeraltaCommunity College District is required to verify that all newemployees are:A citizen or national of the United States;An alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the UnitedStates; orAn alien authorized by the  U.S. Citizenship andImmigration Service to work in the United States.All new employees are required to complete and sign averification form and provide documentation attesting that he/sheis a United States citizen, national, or an alien lawfullyauthorized to work in the United States.District Policy:  ASocial Security Card will be required following selection and priorto completion of the hiring process.  The employment processcannot be completed without a copy of the Social Security Card onfile in the Office of Human Resources. Peralta Community College District Plan, organize, assign, direct, and evaluate the functions andactivities of a community-based security service organization. Legal mandates, policies, regulations, operational proceduresand best-practices pertaining to a community-based, non-lethalcollege security operation. EDUCATION: Coordinate and interface with mental health services providers,to develop effective programs that will serve the students, facultyand staff in an effective and cost-effective manner. Understand when to dispatch community-based security services(including mental health and/or counseling services), and when todispatch traditional policing services. CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT Plans and coordinates activities for emergency preparedness,prevention, response, recovery, and mitigation throughout theDistrict. Prolonged and frequent sitting, standing, walking, reaching,twisting, turning, kneeling, bending, squatting andstooping Moderate to heavy usage of hands in grasping, repetitive handmovement and finger coordination in keeping records and preparingreports using a computer keyboard. Speech and hearing to communicate effectively in group settingsand by telephone to students, faculty, staff, and others. CERTIFICATE AND LICENSE REQUIREMENT: Implementation strategies, methods, and techniques pertaining toa community-based security model, featuring restorative-justice andnon-lethal principles, and utilizing mental health services andcounseling before traditional policing services are activated. The Director will be tasked with creating a culture of personalengagement between security vendors and the students, faculty,staff, and administration that they serve. The Director willunderstand restorative justice principles and de-escalationtechniques. They will encourage those that they manage to earn thetrust of the college community by demonstrating particularsensitivity to communities of color, and those that haveexperienced the de-humanizing effects of institutional racism,oppression and willful neglect. Demonstrate understanding of, sensitivity to, and respect forthe diverse academic, socio-economic, race, ethnicity, genderidentity, sexual orientation, age, politics, philosophy,disability, and religious background of all students, faculty andstaff. Understand and carry out oral and written directions withminimal oversight by Supervisor. Counsels and advises college personnel regarding facilitysecurity, parking regulations and safety services related problemsand concerns expressed by the PCCD community. Determines and enforces operational policies, guidelines, andpriorities, and approves schedules of consultants and staffmembers, with ongoing control of operational functions. DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC SAFETYAPPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY APRIL 29, 2021 AT 11:59P.M. PDT FOR FIRST REVIEW DATE OF APRIL 30, 2021 APPLICATION PROCEDURESVisit the Peralta website and click on the “Community” link orgo directly to click on the “Search Jobs” link to find this job posting. Should you decide to apply for this position and you have notalready established an account, you will be prompted to doso.  Your account will give you secure and ongoing access tocheck on the status of your application for the position. Required documents will include:Current resume of experience, formal education/trainingand qualifications.Copies of supporting credentials, ifapplicable.Copies of transcripts from fully accredited college oruniversity institutions. (Copies ofdiplomas will not substitute for transcripts.) (If hired,it will be required to submit official transcripts from fullyaccredited college or university institutions.)  Transcripts must include degree awarded and conferdate. Transcripts without this information and online applicationswithout transcripts will be disqualified. Plans, organizes, develops and implements operational proceduresto ensure adherence to a cost effective and cost beneficialoperational mode, and to ensure that appropriate quality controland performance standards are maintained. Assists in the development of policies and procedures pertainingto community-oriented safety services operations, and providescommunication forums for interior and exterior stakeholders. When required, assists subordinate personnel in resolvingcomplex and unusual safety services addressing problems andconcerns. Appointment to the position is conditional upon theapproval of the Board of Trustees.SALARY AND BENEFITSThis is a full-time, twelve-month classified managementposition. The management annual salary range (3) is $126,816 -$149,874/year. The maximum initial placement is Step 3 depending onexperience.FRINGE BENEFITSThe Peralta Colleges proudly offers a competitive andcomprehensive core of work-life benefits. Benefit-eligibleemployees have access to coverage for themselves and eligibledependents:• Medical coverage. Depending on choice of coverage, you may berequired to make a contribution.• Dental coverage. Depending on choice of coverage, you may berequired to make a contribution.• Life insurance of $100,000• Long-term disability coverage• Employee Assistance Program• 22 days/year vacation leave, 12 days/year sick leave, and 18holidays/yearIn addition to your contribution, Peralta pays 20.70% of yoursalary to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). Effective January 1, 2013, the PEPRA (Public Employees’ PensionReform Act) went into effect. Changes have been implemented as aresult of the adoption of this legislation that impact new andexisting employees enrolled in CalPERS.  A summary of thosechanges is available at For further up to date information on CalPERS retirementeligibility and PEPRA, please visit the website The CalPERS member handbook is available at Other voluntary benefits include:• Flexible benefit plan participation in the Medical ReimbursementPlan, Dependent Care Reimbursement Plan (under tax code 125)• Pre-tax commuting expenses (under IRS code 132)• Tax-deferred plan participation in the 403(b) and 457 plans• Credit union membership• Prepaid legal plan participation• Additional Life Insurance for yourself, spouse or childrenSubject to change. SELECTION PROCEDURESA selection committee will review and evaluate applications toselect a limited number of candidates for interview.  Meetingminimum qualifications for a position does not assure the candidatean interview. To apply for this position, please visit our career siteat: Additionally, the Director will approach security through a lensof community engagement, restorative justice, and respect. Theywill have, or be willing to gain, a familiarity with the District’smany communities that encompass all forms of ethnic, cultural,religious, gender-identity, sexual orientation, political,philosophical, ability-disability and other forms of diversity. TheDirector will engage regularly and actively with the counseling,mental health and other related services that the Districtprovides. The Director will actively engage with and be open tofeedback from community groups, peer groups, neighborhood groups,student groups, and faculty, staff and administration. The Directorwill consider informal partnerships that may exceed the scope oftraditional security services, building relationships that extendbeyond the District’s four college borders. Note:  A written evaluation by an official foreigncredentials/transcripts evaluation and translation service must besubmitted for Foreign Degree(s) (non-U.S. granted degrees) by theapplication deadline date.Applications and attachments (resume, cover letter, copies oftranscripts, letters of recommendations, etc.) will  ONLY beaccepted through the online process.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT MAILEDOR FAXED APPLICATIONS OR ITS ATTACHMENTS.Travel expenses for the interview and selectionprocess will be borne by the candidates.Video conference (Zoom) interviews may be conducted forfirst-level interviews if the candidate lives in excess of 250miles from the Peralta Community College District office. MAY BE REQUIREDMedical Examination: Under state regulations and as a condition of employment, certainpositions may require a medical examination prior toemployment.  Expenses incurred will be borne by theemployee.last_img read more